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About Me

Minerva Navasca is an award winning Toronto-based Filipino director and producer, and a ‘23 graduate of the Bachelors of Film and Television program at Sheridan College. She is best known for her short documentaries “Guardians” (2021), and “Kamayan” (2021), which has been showcased in local and international festivals such as the 2022 TIFF Next Wave, NFFTY 2023, and the 2023 Yorkton Film Fest. 


In all avenues of her work, she aims to explore stories of cultural dysphoria and girlhood with intimate specificity. She grounds her films in her own experiences, stating “I want to make films about subjects that make me uncomfortable”. And so, Minerva delves into perspectives steeped in anxiety and internalized shame, stemming from her cultural background and other aspects of her identity. With unflinching honesty, Minerva presents perspectives that are conflicted, yet multi-faceted. Within the frame, these voices are free to express the heights of their anger, hopes, and guilt: a complexity that has been stripped from Asian voices and filmmakers throughout history.

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